Monday, July 2, 2012

MJLM Monday - 7/02/12

My very first MJLM post!!  Eeek!  I'm excited!  :o)

Did y'all have a good weekend?  Hope so.  Can't wait to hear your MJLM's!  

Wanna hear about a few of the ways that Jesus showed his love to me last week?
There were waaaay too many to list them all, but here are some of my favorites.

*He gave me  a beautiful day to get out and exercise on my lunch break, but provided  brief cloud cover to shield me from the 100 degree-temperature-causing sun we have here in South Louisiana.

*He let me receive some kind words from some clients when they found out I would be leaving in a few weeks.  I always try to be nice, cheerful and helpful to my clients.  I don't expect anything in return because it is my job, but it's nice to hear sometimes.  :o)

*He lets this tree (not even sure what it is) bloom right over my parking space at work.  What I love about it, is that the blooms fall and on a good day my car resembles a float at the Rose Bowl Parade.  It cracks me up when I drive away and they are slowly flying off my car.  :o)

*He let me tour the World War II museum (for free) this weekend.  I anticipated being a little bored (I'm not a big history buff), but was enjoying the company.  Then we watched the 4-D movie "Beyond all Boundaries".  It was incredible!  I walked out of the theater being so very proud to be an American and so thankful for all who have fought and are fighting for our freedom!

*He spoke directly to my heart thru some great preaching yesterday.  He truly cares!
*Starbucks' Cookie Crumble Frappucino.  Enough said.  :o)

These are just a few of my MJLM's from last week.

I hope you will share some of yours.  Take a back to your link on our Facebook page.  For those who don't have a blog, please come by and post a couple of your MJLM's from last week on our Facebook page also.

Let's take a moment to remember all that He did for us last week!  Hope this week is a fantastic one as well.

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  1. I really meant to do this this week, but didn't. I'm joining you next week!:o)

  2. Just now saw this...will definitely grab your button and join in next week!