My Testimony

I made a profession of faith in Christ at the age of 4.  
I grew up in a Christian home.  
My dad was a preacher.  
We were at church 3-4 times a week at least.  
I went to small Christian schools all my life, never attended one day of public school.  
All of my friends were either from church or school.  
I lived in a "bubble" of sorts...but it was a great life.  
At the age of 18 the demise of my sheltered Christian life began.  
It took about 2 yrs and a traumatic family event to get me completely out of church.
I got married, had a baby, got divorced and lived (utterly miserably) in the world for 10 yrs.
In April 2011, God grabbed a hold of my heart once again, but this time I did not have the strength to fight Him.  
I had fallen so far down, but not too far for Him to reach. 
He pulled me out of a deep depression and alcoholism.
I have been sober since April 22, 2011.
On July 30th of 2011, while at a ladies prayer meeting, I got assurance of my salvation and know that without a doubt I am on my way to Heaven.
I am so thankful to serve a God of not just "a second chance", but a God of "another chance"!! 
 God lead me to a great Independent Fundamental Baptist Church, with a great Pastor and staff.
Most of my family attends this church.
I met my D at this church. 
I am teaching at the Christian school where I graduated a few (ok maybe more than a few) years ago.
I am serving the Lord and life is better than it has ever been!

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  1. Amen! I, too, fell out of church and our God of Another Chance came and rescued me! Congratulations on your sobriety and your lovely blessing of a supportive family and your newfound family.
    -Blessings Always,