Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lesson? Learned!

Ever just wake up in a cranky mood?  Not cranky from lack of sleep or sickness, just as my friend Forrest Gump would say "for no particular reason".  
Of course, I could come up with a list of things to blame my crankiness on, like:
- The stress of packing.
- The stress of moving.
- The stress of work.
- The stress of life.
- The stress of being a worry wart/plan everything ahead/OCDer.

The short version is that I was just in a plain ole bad mood!

I spent the first half of my day ready to snap on the next person that gave me attitude.  I left and went on my regular lunchtime walk/run at a local park.  I listened to some good gospel music on my MP3 player and tried to enjoy the beautiful day, yet I could not shake the cranky.  Immediately after I left the park, I stopped at the post office to do some things for work.  With my headphones still in, trying to drowned out my moodiness with some High Road, I walked up to the automated postage machine.  There was a lady standing there in front of the machine, fumbling around in her wallet, but not using the machine itself.  I waited about a minute before pulling my headphones out of my ears and asking as nicely as I could "Excuse me.  Are you using this?"  She looked up at me and said "No.  I guess I have to walk back to the car because it only takes debit & credit cards and mine is in the car.  Are you about to buy stamps?  Perhaps I could just buy one from you."  Still absorbed in my own "problems" I just simply said "I'm sorry, these are for my employer..not for me."  "That's no problem." she says then turns and walks away.  I quickly bought my stamps, checked the P.O. box then stood at the table and was putting stamps on the letters to be mailed out.  After a minute or so I looked out the window to see the lady walking VERY slowly back to her car and struggling the whole way.  Right at that moment it was as if God smacked me in the back of the head and said "I gave you an easy opportunity to help some out!  You didn't take it, now look at the result!"   My heart sank!  I finished up my stuff, rushed (almost ran) out the door and to the lady who had just made it back to her car.  "I'm sorry about that.  I will take responsibility for the stamp.  Give me your letter and I will mail it for you."  
"Oh thank you for helping an old crippled lady out" she says to me while reaching for her wallet to give me the money.  "Please keep your money, it is my pleasure.  Have a great day!"  
I mailed the letters and went to my car, where I immediately burst into tears.  
How could I have been so wrapped up in myself to not spare a stamp to help this lady out?!   
How utterly selfish of me!  If I had been aware, I could have done something simple to help someone out and had God give me some joy to put me in a better mood.  Instead, I was caught up in my own "problems" and He had to knock me to my knees to humble me.
I know that this may sound like a silly story, but it grabbed my heart greatly!.
So, the moral of the story is:  
I owe my boss a 45 cent stamp, but I owe God much, much more for the lesson learned!

I love how sometimes God gives us exactly what we need, but in an unexpected way!  
He is always faithful!

I know this story doesn't paint me in the best light, but it's real life.
I am now back to my cheerful, happy self thankfully! 

So, I'm curious...has God ever smacked you in the back of the head?  ;o)


  1. It's so easy to get wrapped up in ourselves and forget the bigger picture. Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. He has ones or twice. I think this is a great story... everyone needs to reflect. Little moments happen like this everyday and we look over them.

    You should be proud you noticed it and corrected it. I bet you made her day!!!