Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't get on the wrong boat!

We were honored to have Bro. Mark Holmes, Missionary , at church last night.
It was a blessing to get to meet him and hear about the wonderful work that God is using he and his wife to do in Nigeria!

Last night's message really spoke to my heart.  I felt like it was meant solely for me.  (Although I am sure every one else got something from it as well)  :o)
It was from Mark 4:35-41.  It's the story about how Jesus calmed the storm.
Every one of us is in or has been in a storm or two in their lives.
It's never fun.  It's never easy.  But it's always necessary.
It is what you do before, during and after the storm that determines the outcome.
Some things he brought out about what to do when you are going thru a storm:

-Don't stay on the wrong side. 
Determine to go even though you can see the storm ahead.

-Don't get on the wrong boat. 
Make sure you have Christ with you.

-Don't pray for the storm to go away.  
He will use the storm to strengthen you.

If you have followed along with me for awhile or read my testimony, you know that my life is MUCH different than it was a year ago.  As a matter of fact, it is much different than it was 6 months ago or even a month ago at that.
I wouldn't say right off that I am in the midst of a "storm" in my life, at least not one that is causing me turmoil or pain.  My storm lately seems as though it is more of a series of transitions and changes that God is leading me thru.  Which in and of it self can be a storm.  Having to put your full faith and trust in God and let Him take control is not an easy thing for someone that tried to steer their own boat for so long.
But as Mark 11:22 simply states "Have faith in God."
Enough said.

I put faith in Him when He pulled me back in to his fold.
(I'm glad I didn't stay on the wrong side of the shore.)

I put faith in Him when He brought me to join a church in a different state.
 (I'm glad I got on the right boat.)

I put faith in Him as He led me head first into serving Him.
I'm glad I got on the right boat.) 

I put faith in Him as He led me to a a good, Godly man.
(I'm glad I have him on my boat.) 

I put faith in Him as He has led me to move back home.
(I'm glad I got on the right boat.)

It is right about now that I would've thought that He would let things settle down some for me.  I mean, c'mom...I'm a little tired from driving back and forth for 9 months and living in 2 different places and I'm not even done unpacking yet...
But alas, He is already preparing to put me in another boat and sending me out thru another "storm".
Since I didn't pray away the others and made it, I know that He will lead me thru this one as well.

So, once again I will let go and let God!


  1. Very touching post Lissa. This is so true that life brings us many storms, but you just keep pushing through. I am going through a serious storm right now, but I just keep praying and know it will all be ok and there will be bright skies soon :) Heather

  2. My favorite part of the storms of life... are the moments that follow. Sometimes its peace, sometimes its realization of all that’s good, sometimes it’s just simple silence. It’s the smell of the air after a good rain… or the flowers in bloom because they were just fed. The storm has past, it rained and everything is a bit clear…
    I pray your storm doesn’t last long and that after it passes nothing but fields of sunflowers are in your way!!!

  3. Mark and Sabrina are a great couple!! My husband traveled in a singing group on tour with him in college...a LONG time ago! Sounds like a great sermon and a much needed reminder...thanks for sharing! I don't know you personally or much about your situation - but putting your trust in God is always the right answer!! :)

  4. Hello! I'm stopping by from Raising 4 Princesses. Nice to "meet" you! I'm Jen, and I'm a missionary wife in the Northern Territory of Australia. I am your latest follower! Stop by and visit when you have the time!

  5. So thankful we have a Savior who brings us through the storms of life!

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