Monday, January 30, 2012

I resolve...

For 2012, I resolved to no longer make resolutions.  Yes, I know that is a resolution in and of itself, but I promise it is the last one.  :o)

In place of resolutions I have decided upon some goals for myself instead.  I like the idea of having goals, meaning you have something to achieve (Philippians 3:14) rather than resolutions meaning you have something to change.  Now that you are totally confused.  (It makes sense in my head.  lol)

I know that it is the end of January, so I am a little late in doing this.  I have had a mental list going for a while though and thought I would put it down on paper (aka on the internets) to keep me from forgetting.  Plus I wanted to share with you guys and hear about some of yours.  :o)
Here are a few of them:

- Go on a Missions trip!

- Go back to college!
(Ever since the President of Hyles-Anderson Bible College came to our church, it's been on my heart and mind to go back.  Online, of course.  Indiana is just a little too far to commute to school.)

- Take a REAL vacation!

- Serve God more and better!

- Blog more!

- Worry less and trust God more!

These really are just a few, there are many more..some big, some small! 
I cannot wait to see what God has for me in 2012. 
I hope that he will do wonderful things in me and through me this year!!

What are some goals/resolutions that you have for yourself this year?
What would just be the ultimate achievement for you this year? 
How close are you to it?


  1. Mine:
    - To actively take steps that will help avoid turning little snowballs into avalanches...beginning with laundry:) (Slowly working on that one.)
    -Run a 10K this year and continue working towards a half marathon. Since the longest I've run so far this year is 5 miles. A half marathon seems more like a dream:)
    -Study the Bible during my devos and not just "read" it. (My new study Bible helps.)

    It is kind of nice to see them written down. Working on these goals--one baby step at a time:)

    1. I hope that you accomplish it all!
      I forgot to add reading my Bible thru in a year. This will have been my first attempt at it and I am very excited!