Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My heart is fixed!

This past Sunday, we had a guest speaker at church. 
Dr. Ray Young is President of Hyles-Anderson College.  Hyles-Anderson, located in Crown Point, IN, is one of the premier Christian Colleges in America.
It is the Alma Mater of my Pastor, his daughter and her husband, his son (my brother-in-law) and Sister #3.  

Dr. Young presented us with some information about their online programs that they now offer and also delivered a wonderful sermon.
Our Pastor doesn't give up his pulpit often, so you know it is going to be a treat when he lets someone else preach. 
It was a treat indeed!
He spoke about how in Psalms 57, David is talking about how his heart is fixed on God, because God fixed his heart.  David said "I will sing and give praise."  Dr. Young pointed out that at the particular time that David wrote this Psalms, he was not in the comfort and splendor of his palace...he was hiding in a cave because Saul was trying to have him killed (I Samuel 22).
What a great testimony it was for David to be continually praising God thru this calamity in his life!
Dr. Young gave us some things to do when we are in the midst of a calamity:

1.  Read at least 1 chapter in the Bible ever morning.
2.  Write down what you learned from what you read.
3.  Make a list of things for which you can praise God for.
4.  Pray for others who also have a calamity.
5.  Continue to sing and praise God thru the day.
6.  Be in your place, whether it be at home, work or church.
7.  Be patient
8.  Help organize the solution.

These are great practical things for us to even do on a daily basis so that when the calamity comes, we are already prepared and in the habit.

The other day, Karla over at  ...Happily Ever After! shared a song and it really spoke to my heart.  I thought I'd share it with you guys.  It really goes along with the subject of life's calamities and storms.

Hope that you have a wonderful day and even if it isn't going so great
...praise Him anyway!!

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  1. It's funny this kind of goes along perfectly with giving thanks IN everything. =) When you're going through that rough time, though, it's hard to remember to give thanks and praise God in that moment!