Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Goals

I would like to think that I am a fairly goal-oriented person...when I actually make them.  
Things have been so busy and hectic lately, yet I feel like I have been pretty unproductive.  
I saw Jessi over at This Camera Tells My Story has been doing this and what a great idea it is. 
Forcing myself to make goals then post them gives me some sort of accountability (hopefully).
So, here goes nothing...  ;o)

November goals
1. Throw my sister a fantastic bridal shower
2. Get the house organized before Christmas
3. Do some maintenance on my car
4. See 30 people saved
5. Plan my Christmas budget and list of gifts
6. Take Christmas pictures and order cards
7. Get back to daily walking/running
8. Have all the groundwork/planning done to kick off WMS for Christmas
9. Raise serious money for WMS
10. Take Toots to the dentist

Alrighty, there they are in black & white...for all the world to see and hold me to.  :o)
Hopefully this works and I can cross all...most...some of them off and set new ones for December!
What are some of your goals for November?



  1. Lists are how I survive with my busy schedule. It feels so good to be able to cross something off. My goals for November are to get the house cleaned and organized for Christmas, clean out the toys and donate, and to get back to my reading. Heather

  2. These are great goals! My November goal is to cook something besides mac and cheese or microwaveable food.

    Make the goals come true!