Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 days of Thankful - #1

I have planned in my head since like September to start this on Nov. 1st and totally forgot about it yesterday.  Another reason why I have to make lists and goals.  ;o)

For the month of November I will try to post every day something that I am thankful for.
Since I missed yesterday, I will do #1 and #2 today.

#1 - I am thankful...for my beautiful daughter, Toots!

She is the most amazing child I know and I say that because I am totally 100% partial.  
I am so very proud to get to be called her Momma.

She is growing into a lovely, funny, smart young lady!

I am thankful for her kisses in the morning and hugs before bed.

I am thankful for her salvation and her desire to live for the Lord.

I am thankful for the fountain of useless knowledge that flows from her mouth on a daily basis.
(Last night she informed me that "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" has 14 syllables in it.)

I am thankful for this precious gift from God!!



  1. This is so sweet! I am thankful for my girls everyday too. I did a thankful post today and there is a link for something you might like to do with the family.


  2. Yay!! I love Thanksgiving and that we have an excuse to thank God for the people we love! =)