Monday, October 31, 2011

Mrs. Smith can keep her job!

This year was a little different for us.  We decided not to celebrate Halloween any more.
We did celebrate it when we were not living for God, but both of are lives are drastically different from last year.  Praise God!
Here is great post by Angela at Hidden Treasures that explains why.

Not celebrating Halloween, doesn't mean that we don't participate in Fall activities though.
Saturday we took the kids to a local pumpkin patch a.k.a pumpkins strewn across a church's lawn. 
It was a beautiful day!!  It finally got a little chilly in South Louisiana!  

After we "picked" our pumpkins we went to my sister's house and did a little carving.

3 band-aids and 3 hours later...

Then, my sister and I thought we'd moonlight as Paula Deen and made a pumpkin pie from the "innerds". 
This was a first (and probably last) for the both of us. 
It wasn't the prettiest thing that has ever been and it turns out that we used the wrong part of the pumpkin.  lol
But it tasted (and smelled) delicious and nobody got sick.  Success!!

I'm pretty sure we will let "Mrs. Smith" make our pies from here on out though.  ;o)



  1. Love the pumpkins. Looks like you had a wonderful afternoon! I can't bake either, so I bought slice to enjoy!!!

  2. wonderful pictures, it's great to spend a lovely weekend with your family. Pumpkins are the only thing I like about halloween.