Monday, November 28, 2011

30 days of thankful...#19 - 22

#19 - I am thankful for...soul-winning.
Last Saturday, we had our 11th Soul-winning Marathon of the year.  
I was able to see 15 people bow their head and accept Christ as their Savior. 
Praise God!
What a privilege and a blessing it is to be used as a vessel to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others!

#20 - I am thankful for...prayer. 
A tragic event occurred last weekend.  I am not ready to go into the details of it on the blog, but plan to share about it soon.  (This is the reason why I am SOOO behind on my posts.)  What I can tell you is that I experienced (and am still experiencing) more closely and more evidently than I ever have of how POWERFUL prayer is!  
We serve a MIGHTY God!!

#21 - I am thankful for...Facebook.
That sounds like a such a silly thing to be thankful for when following behind #19 and #20.  Up until last Saturday, I did just look at Facebook as a "social networking" site.  It was a place to go to post a cute picture, a funny thing that happened or to ramble about how you learned how to Skype (which as it turns out, doesn't make you very cool if you are getting taught how to used it by your 13 year old sister).
Before, I just saw Facebook as a place to stay connected with family and friends that don't live nearby. 
I now see it in a whole new light.  I saw Facebook be able to do some amazing things.  
It's hard to explain, it is a long story (plus it goes along with #20).  
I will have to leave you wondering for now.  ;o) 

#22 - I am thankful for...The Bible (KJV)!
I am thankful to have the perfectly preserved Word of God to read in my language when ever I choose!  I am thankful that I have a manual on how to live my life!  I am thankful that it gives me the answers to any question that I may have!

I know that I am so very behind on my posts, but I do intend to finish them all!  ;o)


  1. I love and miss my mom very much! As a missionary I am also so thankful for Facebook!

  2. Isn't it amazing how facebook can spread the word and get people praying so quickly???