Friday, November 18, 2011

30 days of thankful...#18

#18 - I am thankful for...JD!

JD is D's son.  I don't think I have talked about him enough on here. I'm sorry for that.

He is a fantastic kid!!

I am thankful that he is so close in age to Toots (5 mos older) so that they can play together.
(Notice that I didn't say play nice together.  lol    They have their moments but for the most part they get along)

I am thankful for his beautiful eyes.  Even though you hardly ever see them.

I am thankful for his silly personality and his ability to always make a picture interesting.

I am thankful for his loving spirit.

I am thankful for his sincere prayers and love for God.
(Seriously, his bedtime prayer is longer than most adults.)

I am thankful for him teaching me how wonderful an experience it is to have a son.


  1. there are so many things to be thankful for! Your son is cute and adorable. Thank God for our lovely children! There's a song by Bruno Mars "Just the way you are", one part of the song says, ..."I love you.... just the way you are.."


  2. Sweetness! Great looking bunch!!!