Friday, September 23, 2011

Funny Fall Friday!

Oh happy day!! Fall is FINALLY here (atleast the calendar says so)!  
South Louisiana weather hasn't gotten the memo yet though.  (Boo!)  It will probably still be another few weeks before it starts to cool off around here.  Mid-80 degree weather or not...I have tucked away most of my summery clothes and pulled out the cooler weather stuff.  I am drinking pumpkin spice lattes and burning apple cinnamon candles.  Ahhh...I just love this time of year!  :o)

In honor of the first day of is a funny video of people falling.  
Why is people falling (as long as they are not hurt) so stinkin' funny?!

Also, I am linking up with Erica at Recycled Fashion today.  
Go check out what her and others are thrifting and making here!

Happy Friday and Happy Fall, ya'll!!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Hi Lissa! I am stopping by from Tiffany's blog and was thrilled to read about you today! I was super impressed with your $10 bargain shopping spree, very nicely done!