Thursday, September 22, 2011

What I thrifted on Tuesday...on Thursday.

As I mentioned last week, I need to start building my Fall/Winter wardrobe.  Since what I wear now in comparison to what I wore last year is drastically different, I am basically starting from scratch.  I have a closet full of summery shirts, skirts and dresses.  Some of them can be transformed into cooler weather wear, but most will need to be tucked away until Spring/Summer come around.  
Being the cheap/frugal gal that I am, of course I don't want to spend a lot while trying to compile this new wardrobe.  I have been allowing myself to spend $10-20 a month on myself for clothes over the last few months and that has worked out well.  I might have to increase that a little bit for awhile until I have what I need for the upcoming Season changes.
Tuesday, I stopped at Goodwill on my lunch break.  I scored majorly!!  I got 4 Fall-ish skirts and 4 belts...grand total of $21.  Yay!! 


Mossimo (still had tags)


Austin Clothing Co.

Cute skinny belts

Not too shabby, huh?

Have you thrifted anything good this week?
Happy Thursday, ya'll!


  1. I love that bright blue skirt and the Mossimo one, too! You definitely picked up some good deals, girl!

    My shopping ban is in full effect. =( I sure am missing my thrift store!

  2. Loving the first 2 skirts. That blue is amazing! No thrifting but hoping to start soon!
    Happy Thursday!

  3. Love this bright blue skirt! This is perfect for fall. No shopping for me right now. I am on a shopping ban, but I really want to go thrifting after seeing your goodies :)


  4. I love thrifting, I love that blue skirt and I looooooove those belts!

    Thanks for the kind comment about my kiddo on my blog. :0)