Monday, August 29, 2011

When Nature Calls...

On Saturday afternoon, D and I took the kids to a Wildlife Preserve nature trail.. I was prepared for major humidity, tons of sweating and to be eaten alive by mosquitoes the size of my head. 
(We are talking about middle of the afternoon in August in South's expected.)  
I must say that I was surprised at how nice it was.   The trees made for great shade from the sun and the mosquitoes must've filled up on all the tourists that came thru before us.  lol
It was quite pleasant and the kids had a blast!!  :o)

Overall it was a great weekend filled with family time, soul-winning (I was able to lead 1 to Christ on Saturday) and the start of a powerful prayer revival at church.  The Revival continues thru this whole week.  Please pray for God's power to be on the speaker and for his message to reach the hearts of all that attend.  
I personally, have already been reached and am excited for the rest of the week for it to continue!!

I wanted to share one last thing with y'all.  Last week, I came across the blog Forever His Servant, by a young lady named Melanie.  In her post on Aug 24th, she wrote 

"I want to live a life of absolute surrender."   

Such a short, but powerful statement.  I have adopted this as my new "motto" for my life.  
I want to give it all to God and have him take full control of me and my life.  
As the Evangelist said last night..I want Christ to "feel at home in my heart.".

How was your weekend?  :o)

Hope everyone has a Magnificent Monday!!


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  1. This looks like lots of fun!! I haven't been out to the nature trail in ages!

    Jamie at Easily Amused Mommy & Bekah at Rainbow Bekah have a family fun link up each weekend... You should link up with them. =)

    I love your bright yellow skirt, too!