Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Marathon in the bag!

Hey, y'all!  Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Before we go any farther and you begin to think that I am some awesome distance runner..let me just clarify. 
I did not run a Marathon this weekend.  THAT would be a miracle, no doubt!  lol  
Even on my best day, I'd never come close.  Although, I did run a 5K once.  ;o)
(In this case, Marathon is just referring to an all-day event.)

As I mentioned the other day,  my church had a "Soul-Winning Marathon" planned for this past Saturday.  We have one once a month.   Every Saturday morning we go out in our area and knock on doors in different neighborhoods to invite people to our church and hope to get the opportunity to share the Gospel with them also.  On the days we do the Marathons though, we do our normal Saturday soul-winning, then go back out in the afternoon for about 4 hrs to a different area in the city and do it all over again.  It makes for a long, hot (gotta love that South Louisiana humidity) but oh so fantastic and rewarding day!!

This Saturday we went on the outskirts of downtown New Orleans.  
It is an area that has such a great need, a lot of low-income housing and homeless people.  
There was approximately 25 people from the church that went out, including men, women and teenagers. 

D was able to lead this gentleman to the Lord.  He had just gotten out of rehab. 

I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with this 14 yr old young man.

I am ecstatic to report that God really used us and a grand total of 94 people bowed their heads and accepted Christ as their Savior on Saturday!!  PTL!!   
D was able to personally lead 12 of those and I had 5 (a personal record for both of us). 

It was an AMAZING I would love to be able to repeat over and over everyday!! 

"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."  
Mark 16:15

How was God able to use you this weekend?  I would love to hear about it.  :o)

Happy Monday to all!  Hope it's a great week!



  1. Awesome post! It was a fantastic day! I was hoping to see a pic of our friend in the green!

  2. How exciting! It's always amazing to see God work - and humbling to think that He includes us in His plan of world evangelism! Keep following the Lord and keep up the good work! God bless!