Friday, June 8, 2012


It's time for another installment of "InstaFriday" hosted by Life Rearranged!!  
I know you're just dying to see my week via Instagram.. (Insert sarcasm here)
So, without further adieu:

  • Walking by the river with sister #4.
  • Rock area by the river.
  • Subway breakfast...enough said.
  • One of my fav coffee mugs.
  • Going exploring downtown
  • Us and the kids at the Riverwalk
  • On the ferry.
  • Awesome salsa I made.  Recipe found here.
  • Bracelets!
  • Energy! 
  • Yummy summer salad.
  • Neon nails
  • Proof of a nail polish addiction...105 bottles to be exact.
Do you Instagram?  Would love to connect with you if so.  
My user name is is "lissanae"....look me up!  :o)


  1. The salsa looks sooo Yummy! I'm going to have to try it!

  2. yep, that salsa sure does look similar! i am going to have to try your version!

    love the nails too!

  3. love the stacked bracelets. such a fun punch of color! i'm totally a nail polish conservative. i only buy it every once in a while, so i have about 15 colors. they all look alike to me! for example, i think i see about 20 magentas in your collection. haha :)

  4. Love your post!!! I might need to borrow a polish or two. You have quite the collection! Have a great weekend.

  5. Great pic :) all the food looks yummy! The bracelet stack is so cute, thought I had a lot of polish ;) but you beat me!

  6. I love the arm candy and the drawer full of nail polish! Good to know I'm not the only addict around. ;)


  7. wow!!!! you make my 50+ polishes seem normal. haha.