Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's on my mind Wednesday...

  • Yay for 4-day work weeks!
  • I'm still sore from my workout on Monday!  Ouchie!
  • Epic fail on my attempt to do #photoadaymay on Instagram.  I made it up until the 25th or 26th though.  Maybe next time...  ;)
  • Watched Freaky Friday with Toots last night.  So glad that can't happen in real life!
  • Noticed this morning that my closet is being taken over by maxi dresses/skirts...for the win!
  • Facebook is beginning to bore me.  Am I alone on this one??
  • Excited to have NOTHING planned this weekend!
  • I'm craving sushi...haven't had it in over a week.  
  • Just looked at the calendar and realized that D and I will celebrate 1 year week!
  • Considering putting myself on a spending freeze for the Summer...  Eeek!
  • Can't believe that in 2 short months, I'll be a teacher...  Eeek!
  • Need a hair color change!  Lighter, maybe...??
  • Excited for mid-week church tonight!  Gotta have it!

So, what's on your mind this Wednesday?


  1. Maxi dresses rule. =) I wish I had more of them! They're really perfect for getting on the floor with the kids when teaching!

  2. Great thought! Love maxis live in them in this crazy hot Arizona heat. What are you going to teach?!

    1. I will be teaching several subjects. Computer, Literature, English and Science (I think). Not sure of all the details yet...but I'm SUPER excited! :)