Friday, May 25, 2012


I'm a pretty simple girl when it comes to hair and make-up and such.  I don't wear make-up everyday.  I don't fix (a.k.a blow dry and flat iron rather than letting it air dry into a half-straight/half-curly mess) my hair everyday.  When I do wear make-up and/or fix my hair, I don't spend a lot of time doing so.  If it takes me longer than 15 minutes, it's not happening.  I also don't spend a lot of money on the products I use nor am I very picky about the brand.   However, I have discovered a couple things lately that I swear by now.  
I thought I'd share them with you guys.  :o)

I had never heard of a "BB Cream" until I read Kate's review of it on The Small Things Blog.
I think she used a different more expensive brand, but after reading other people's comments I learned that a lot of people liked the Garnier (cheaper) one.  Basically, a BB Cream is a tinted moisturizer, sunscreen and skin corrector all-in-one.  I liked the idea of only applying one thing to my face and it look natural rather than applying globs of make-up.  With Summer approaching, I wanted to be as fresh-faced as possible.  I had just recently switched to mineral powder foundation just for that reason.  So, that afternoon I ran in Walgreens and grabbed some.  It was $12.99 which is way more than I would pay for a face product, but since it is atleast 3 products in 1, I went ahead and splurged.
From the first application, I was in L-O-V-E!  
I have the worst skin are dry, parts are oily, parts are red/discolored and it ALL breaks out!  Good times!
It only takes a pea-sized amount.  It moisturized, evened out the discoloration and smelled divine!  It did make my skin look a little shiny, so I set it with some loose power and was done.  It lasted all day, which is rare for a "make-up".  Most importantly, it made me look like I had a nice complexion and wasn't wearing any make-up at all.  It's my favorite!  :o)

Yes, another Garner product.  
I honestly don't know which one out of the two products that I love more!
Along with horrible skin, I have the worst dark circles under my eyes.  I always have had to glob tons of concealer on them to try to mask them.  Usually to no avail, but I atleast tried.  This thing is also not very cheap (atleast according to my budget) but it is worth it 100x's over.  
 I think it was $8.99.  
It doesn't take a lot though, so I'm pretty sure it will last me quite a while.  
The roller makes it easy to apply, it blends in wonderfully and it hides those horrid dark circles perfectly.  Sometimes if I am feeling exceptionally lazy in my beauty routine, I will use just the eye roller.  
It's amazing how much better you look (even without make-up) when you don't look like you've been punched in they eye. ;)
I said it before and I will say it again..I'm in L-O-V-E

So, this is the winning combination for me to look rested and fresh-faced!
What are your favorites?

Hey, did you notice that I am blogging 2 days in a row??!!  Look out!  :o)

Happy Weekend and Memorial Day to you guys!

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  1. Good to know! I'm going to check those items out!