Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Traditions: Tiffany

 Today I have my real life and blog friend Tiffany from over at Breakfast with Tiffany talking about her family and how they celebrate Christmas. Tiff and I have known each other forever.  
She is a wonderful Christian lady, wife, mother, blogger and her friendship through out the years means the world to me!

When Lissa asked me to guest post for her about what Christmas means to me, I was suuuuper excited! Since my little blog is all about silly superficial musings about my clothes, I don't delve into the deeper stuff too often, so I jumped at the chance to talk about something meaningful. =)

Aaahhh, Christmas!! This is absolutely my favorite time of year. Here in the south, the air starts to cool off a bit (even dropping to absolutely frigid temps in the 40's!) and you start to see Christmas lights popping up. Every store you visit is playing Christmas music. People are friendlier and happier, and there's excitement in the air everywhere you go. I just love it!

The shopping, the decorations, the music, the colder weather, the exchanging of gifts, it's all really about something more, isn't it?  I'm amazed that in a world so obsessed with pushing Christ and God out of our lives, we still have a day to celebrate the birth of our Savior! I love that on this special day, the 25th of December, so many people in the world (believers and nonbelievers alike) comes together to celebrate Christ's birth.

At the same time, however, it's so incredibly sad that Christ is even being taken out of Christmas, the day dedicated to celebrating his birth. So many children know Christmas as the day when Santa brings presents, and they don't even realize it's the day the Savior was born into the world so that he could bring us the precious gift of salvation!

In our house, we've combined some traditions from my family and the Hubs' family, as well as making some new ones of our own. One of the silly and fun traditions is that every Christmas morning spent with my family, we all wear matching pajama pants kind of as a way to bring some unity to what is a fun and chaotic morning. =)

Another tradition that we've gotten from both my family and the Hubs' family is that before we do anything on Christmas morning, before we open any presents or peek into our stockings, we all gather together and read the Christmas story in Luke Chapter 2

We always make an enormous amount of Christmas goodies and give them to family and friends.  Umm, of course, we keep a little bit (okay, a lot!) for ourselves too. ;)  This year, our Little Guy will be a bit more involved in the goody making (and eating!), I'm sure. 

I also like to dress the kids up into fun Christmas coordinated outfits and take pictures of them.  What mom doesn't like to do that, right? ;)

Christmas is a fun time, filled with candy and absolutely scrumptious food and presents and Christmas lights.  But it's also a sacred time, a time that is set aside to celebrate the birth of our Lord. So, while we have fun and enjoy every minute of the Christmas season, we also do our best to keep Christ prominent in all that we do.

So, what kinds of things do you like to do to celebrate Christmas?  How do you keep Christ first during a such a festive time when he can be pushed aside for the excitement of Santa and presents and parties?  What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

I have always LOVED how they do the matching pajamas on Christmas!!
Thanks, Tiff for taking the time to share your Christmas thoughts and traditions with us!  :o) 


  1. So nice to see Tiffany over here! The matching pajamas are too cute :) It is sad that instead of a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, it's now called a Holiday Tree lighting ceremony. My favorite thing about the holidays is just being with family :) Heather

  2. awww... so cute, I love the pictures, it's great to know Tiffany better. These are pictures we don't get to see all the time. It's so meaningful to gather as a family on Christmas morning!


  3. Thanks for sharing Tiffany. Fun to read about all of your traditions.