Thursday, October 27, 2011

Better than flip-flops???

I would normally feel pretty silly about dedicating an entire blog post to a used pair of shoes...but these are worth it!!  lol
I would like to introduce you to the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn!!  

I picked them up at the Goodwill this week, because I thought they were cute.  
I tried them on in the store briefly but had no idea what I was getting in to (literally). 
These things are better than flip-flops!  Bold statement, I know...but I am convinced it is true!
They are so soft and ridiculously comfortable!!
The brand on them is "Born".  Never heard of it, so I turned to my good friend Google.
Turns out, they are pretty high-end, genuine fine leather shoes.  
I browsed their website and found a pair similar to mine...$135.  Holy cow!  
I paid $3.50 for mine and they look like they have barely been worn.  SCORE!!

It does appear that they are men's or boy's, rather than women's.  
Psshh...whatever!  I'm wearing these babies til they fall apart!

I'm linking up with Meagan at the Spunky Chateau today for "Thursdays are for Thrifters".
Go check out everyone else's thrifty finds.



  1. What a great find! They look so comfy, SCORE!

  2. I love a good pair of comfy shoes! I scored at the thrift store today, too!! Yay for thrifting! =)

  3. Woah.. those are an awesome find for sure! And I think it is completely worthwhile to dedicate an entire post to an old pair of shoes :)

  4. That's an awesome find and they totally look comfy!!! I've been sporting TOMs. I need to do some thrifting!!

  5. Those shoes are adorable! What a great find and especially considering how expensive they would have been new! Thanks for linking up!