Thursday, September 8, 2011


So, remember when I said "Stay tuned for some Faith, Family, (modest) Fashion, Frugal-living, Tons of Fun and Football..." in my first post ?'s football time!!

My Saints kick off the 2011 Regular Season tonight with a much-anticipated game against the Green Bay Packers!  And just like every other Saints's pretty much ALL I can think about today...  ;o)

Even Toots got to wear Saints gear to school today.
 (Doesn't she look ridiculously cute in her new glasses?!)

I just love this time of year!  It feels a little Fall-ish...Football is Facebook news feed is full of "Who Dats" and "Geaux Saints".  It's just overall..FANTASTIC!

On a completely different note...I was looking thru my notes from the Prayer Revival that we had last week and found something the Evangelist had said that I wrote down.  
"Be aware of the presence of God!"

Such powerful words!  I think often times we forget (not purposefully)  that God is with us all the time and not just when we are at church, when we read our Bible or when we pray.  

He is there when we do right...He is there when we do wrong.  
He is there when we praise Him...and when we cry to Him in our time of need!  

How important that we keep these words in the forefront of our minds! 

On another completely unrelated is a new song I came across the other day and I just absolutely love it and wanted to share it with you guys.  Enjoy!

I wish y'all a Happy "Who Dat" Day or (Happy Thursday if you're not a Saints fan)!! 


  1. Yah for football! How cute is Toots in her Saints gear? Although, we are Cowboys fans at our house, just the start of football season gets us all giddy! We will be watching the game tonight too :)

  2. Hi pretty woman! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    I am not into football at all... I hope you don't mind, I skimmed over that part. It all would have been over my head anyway! :0)

    Love that quote, "Be aware of God." Kinda like, "Beware of Dog," right? It's so true though... And it's a good form of accountability if you hold this truth close.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I followed back. :)