Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4 Week, No Heat Challenge Results

So, yesterday was 4 weeks since I started the "no heat" challenge.  I must tell you right off, that I did not make it the full 4 weeks before I caved.  I gave in a few days early, but made it most of the way thru.  Regardless, I saw awesome results and am very happy that I did it.



I don't know if there is any obvious difference to you guys, but I see a major one.
For one, it grew enough to touch my shoulders.  That is amazing to me!
My hair is the slowest-growing hair ever! (At least in my opinion.)
So, to see this much of a difference in such a short period of time is just awesome!

It is also softer and there is less breakage.
Overall, it just a huge difference over all.

For the most part, the challenge wasn't hard at all.  In the beginning, I thoroughly enjoyed being lazy and not having to fix it.  By the beginning of week 3, I was ready to style it again.  I was tired of having pretty much the same hair every day.  So, by the time this past Saturday got here, I couldn't take it any more.

I can't say that I will ever do this again for such a long period time,
but I will try to use less heat on my hair in general.

Hopefully, my hair continues to grow as I continue to try to take better care of it.
I mean, I will have a Wedding soon that I will need long, flowing locks for...  ;)

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  1. I'm so impressed! I totally think it grew a lot actually! I couldn't do it. More power to ya!
    Carolyn http://sillyhappysweet.blogspot.com