Friday, June 15, 2012


My love for Instagram continues, so InstaFriday must continue also!

Here's what happened this week:

  • Our Women's Missionary Society got together and made Father's Day cards and gifts for our Missionaries.
  • D doing is famous "JC Penney catalog" pose at Taco Bell.  #classy
  • Depressing weather forecast.  Rain, rain...go away!
  • Afternoon coffee @ work.  
  • Heath Bar ice cream!  #enoughsaid
  • Cousins!
  • Toots dressed herself for church..complete with a Rubix Cube tee.
  • Hard at work...#coffee and #nails.
  • My precious nephew sleeping in my bed.
  • JD showing he was happy with his dinner.
  • This week's nails.  Never done stripes before.

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Go check out what everybody else has been up to via Instagram.  :o)


  1. I love your stripes! I have never seen that done on nails before, so fun! Sweet pictures, sorry about the rain though :(
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Pretty nails! I wish we'd get some rain--fires going on here in Colorado. Enjoy your weekend!